The 300 hp diesel outboard that redefines standards

CXO300 from innovative Cox Powertrain is a high powered V8 diesel outboard engine designed specifically for commercial and recreational use.

Outstanding performance

The 300 hp engine delivers high torque at low revs, giving the boat outstanding performance and manoeuvrability. Moreover, this commercial rated diesel outboard promises 25% better fuel efficiency, lower maintenance cost and three times longer service intervals compared to petrol-powered outboards. It runs quietly, with minimal noise or vibration.

The CXO300 is primarily suitable for planing boats in transport, governmental agencies, maritime rescue, and professional duties as well as for larger leisure boats / yachts.

Engine Designation CXO300
Propeller shaft power, kW (hp) 224 (300)
Engine propping speed, rpm 3700-4000
Displacement, L ( 4.4 (266)
Weight, kg (lb) 393 (866)
Number of cylinders 8
Bore/stroke, mm (in.) 84 (3.3) / 98.5 (3.9)
Compression ratio 16:1
Ratio 1 (Propeller speed) 1.23:1 (3259)
Ratio 2 (Propeller speed) 1.46:1 (2739)
Peak torque, Nm ( 650 (479)
Aspiration Twin-turbo
Shaft Length, inch(mm) 25”(635) / 30”(762) / 35”(889)
Emission compliance EPA 3, IMO 2, RCD 2
Rating Light-duty commercial
Trim range -4° to +16°
Tilt range 71°
Gear Oil Spec SAE 80W90, API GL-5
Powerhead Oil Spec Min standard – fully synthetic API CI-4/ SAE 10W40 or 5W40
Propeller spline spec 1.25” shaft / 19 tooth
Colour options Black / White

Engine block and head

  • 60 degree V8
  • Aluminium alloy block, heads and ladder frame
  • Quad camshafts, four valves per cylinder

Engine mounting

  • Standard outboard fitting layout
  • 6-bolt mounting with multi-hole adjustment
  • 30″ transom spacing (28.5″ with steering limits)

Fuel system

  • Electronically controlled high-pressure common rail injection
  • On-engine fuel filtration and cooling

Air inlet and exhaust system

  • Twin turbochargers with electronic boost control
  • Water-to-air charge cooling
  • Air filters with replaceable inserts

  • 90-degree spiral bevel gear drive
  • All outboard offer standard and counter rotating capability, programmable through the ECU

Cooling system

  • Thermostatically regulated raw water cooling
  • Solid impeller low-maintenance water pump

Oil system

  • Closed crankcase ventilation

Electric system

  • Drive-by-wire power and shift control
  • 12V electrical system
  • 100A flywheel-integrated marine alternator
  • Automatic integrated fuses


  • Maximum propeller diameter 16″
  • 19 tooth 1.25″ propeller spline


  • Seastar electronic throttle
  • Seastar joystick
  • Coastkey Keyless key fob / wireless MOB technology
  • Compatible with NMEA 2000
  • Murphy Powerview displays – 4.8”/7”/10”/12” screen sizes
  • Compatible with all Seastar EPS steering


Retrofit compatibility

Although the first of its kind, the CXO300 has been built for purpose and developed according to industry standards. This means it is compatible with current controls (NMEA 2000), propellers, transom bolt pattern and steering systems. It is as easy to install and handle as any petrol outboard.

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Dpower is Official Distributor of Cox Powertrain for Austria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia & Sweden. | tel: +46 (0)31 – 748 62 00 | email:

Peter Nauwerck
Tel dir. +46 (0)31 – 748 62 03
Mobile +46 (0)705 – 685773

Mats Hallberg
Tel dir. +46 (0)31 – 748 62 10
Mobile +46 (0)705 – 685711

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